We want customers to engage with our solution architects, to design and manufacture your solution not ours: be creative whilst pragmatic to design innovative, sophisticated, yet elegant solutions; automate to reduce risks and costs; never compromise on efficiency, quality, reliability & safety; grow beyond a relationship to a partnership; admit mistakes and always front up; listen, learn, change and grow; and do whatever it takes.

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At Fresco, we have developed guiding principles which are crucial to creating high-performing individuals and teams and ensure the long-term protection of our “can do” attitude.

Our guiding principles empower our people to drive decision-making, and as a consequence they shape and own our company culture.

Our guiding principles:

At Fresco we put our customers first

  • We are passionate people who care about our customers.
  • We listen carefully to our customers, and respond diligently.
  • We do whatever it takes to satisfy customer requirements and deliver on our promises.
  • As key partners, our customers’ goals become our goals.
  • As key partners, our customers’ success becomes our success.

At Fresco we act with integrity

  • We exhibit high standards of individual behaviour and company behaviour.
  • We show respect to all: colleagues, suppliers and customers.
  • We are honest with all: colleagues, suppliers and customers.
  • We communicate regularly, genuinely and ethically with all.
  • We are keen to relate to others on a personal as well as on a professional level.

At Fresco we are committed to quality

  • We set high standards for individual performance and company performance.
  • We focus on detail as much as the big picture; on innovation as much as the tried and tested.
  • We strive to design, manufacture and integrate innovative and reliable process solutions.
  • We strive to deliver superior after-sales service.
  • We seek constantly to improve, to learn new skills, and to learn from any mistakes.

At Fresco we value both leadership and teamwork

  • We believe everyone can and must be prepared to lead, regardless of job title.
  • We recognise the roles of both leadership and teamwork in achieving goals.
  • We recognise the roles of both leadership and teamwork in creatively solving problems.
  • We acknowledge our individual roles in supporting other team members.
  • And we celebrate our larger team: Fresco, our suppliers and our customers – working together.