We are passionate about designing and manufacturing customised automated solutions

At Fresco, we design, manufacture and integrate automated bespoke processing solutions that are safe and superior quality where customers collaborate as partners and refer us, suppliers support us, and employees are proud in what they do.

With custom automated solutions, we have designed and installed processes that meet the needs of our customers. Our projects scale from component products and project upgrades through to sophisticated turn-key automation projects, which are engineered and manufactured in-house.

Around the world, our regional offices provide local support personnel dedicated to working with customers’ requirements. Fresco offers support in automated solution architecture and design, project engineering, implementation services, on-site installation supervision, commissioning and maintenance and support services, including spare parts management.

Custom Automated Solutions from Fresco

Our range of Fresco-designed and equipment supported by international technologies and supply agreements, ensures that our customers receive the latest proven technology.

Custom Automated Solutions

Accelerate your business by collaborating with our solution architects

Customised bespoke solutions

By customising our innovative solutions to your specific requirements, we ensure that the systems meet your requirements and are fit for purpose

‘Full story’ principle

We discuss the targeted end results while taking into consideration the full operation interfaces, constraints and budgets to ensure that we provide you with the most suitable system for your requirements

Client interface partner

Our approach is to be your long term partner for all your bulk materials handling and process systems

Project implementation framework

Fresco re-risks projects by utilising our Customer Experience Process (CEP) framework. The CEP ensures our professional in-house project team delivers a consistent engagement for every project.

We agree on the project goals & develop clearly defined plans with assigned responsibilities and accountabilities:


We cultivate constant, effective & open communications


Ask for senior management sponsorship & support from both the customer & Fresco


Manage the project scope effectively including metrics for measuring progress


Follow best practices for project management including proper risk management policies


Agreed a process for quick identification and resolution of project challenges and issues


As a recognised global innovator in bespoke custom automated process solutions, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

Our policies

At Fresco, we work alongside our customers to develop and deliver innovative, safe and reliable turnkey process solutions. With added input from trusted third parties, we customise our core products to suit each individual customer.

Fresco NZ occupational safety & health policy statement

Fresco NZ environmental policy statement

Fresco NZ quality policy statement

Fresco NZ corporate social responsibility policy statement